Fasetto Introduces Forum Screen Sharing App for Teachers

Kids at desktop computers listen to a male teacher as he speaks.
(Image credit: iStock/sturti)

Fasetto's The Forum™ app allows instructors to share their screen to every student’s smartphone, tablet and laptop so every desk is a "front-row seat" to the lesson. 

“Multiple studies show that student performance, participation, retention and understanding can vary greatly dependent on their seat position in a classroom or lecture hall,” said Dan Bruck, Chief Marketing Officer at Fasetto. “More specifically, research revealed students who sit in rows further-back or off-to-the-side do not perform as well or interact as much as a student who sits directly in the front or middle rows.” 

Forum is a presentation solution that can help equalize the seating disparity in classrooms, where every student can clearly see the presentation, download associated materials, ask questions of the lecturer discreetly and directly, using the device they carry every day. Teachers can quiz their classrooms with varying formats and view student responses in real-time. 

To learn more, watch the video below. Forum was just honored as a Gold Winner in Best Apps of the Year for Educational Institutions by the Golden Bridge Awards.