Fast scrolling

Question: My computer scrolls too fast! How can I slow it down?

The IT Guy says:

Faster computers often scroll faster than we want! If you are viewing a Web page, try scrolling by clicking the up and down cursor arrows instead of using the mouse and the scroll bar.

If you are using an older Windows computer and trying to scroll in Internet Explorer 5 or an older version, Microsoft admits that “Scrolling Up or Down in Web Page May Not Be Smooth” and suggests turning on “smooth scrolling.”

For numerous great mouse enhancement tips for Windows users, refer to the August 2005 PC World magazine article “Windows Tips: Eight Simple Tweaks That Make a Mightier Mouse” by Scott Dunn.

If you need to slow down scrolling speed on a Macintosh computer, try Smart Scroll (for OS 9) or Smart Scroll X (for OS X) s explained at MarcMoini.

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