Finding Funding Sources

You may already have been given a RFP for a grant. However, there may be other funding sources that may be more appropriate. Some of the resources available to assist your funding search are: foundation centers, computerized databases, and public libraries. Be sure to use’s Grants and Contests and My eCoach’s Grants, Contests and Fundraising.

  • Do not limit your funding search to one source.
  • Look for consistencies between the purpose of your project and the requirements in any of the grants you seek.
  • Identify specific funding priorities and preferences.
  • Contact the funder’s program officer to ask if they support projects like yours. Check their Website for a list of projects previously funded and for their annual report.
  • Request proposal guidelines.
  • Ask about the maximum amount available and funding range of awards.
  • Make sure the funding levels of the grants you select are appropriate for your project.

You may even find a different grant for which your project is eligible when looking for a specific grant. Make sure the amount of any award for which you apply is worth your time and effort and that it meets your timeline.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray