Format Painter(3)

Students who use the writing process should be encouraged to type their thoughts quickly and not worry about specific formatting until after they finish writing. So here’s a good strategy you can show their teachers in a writing workshop. When students are ready, they can format the new text by 'painting' it with the formatting of another selection. Here’s how:

  • Select the text or place the cursor on the text whose font, style and size you want to copy.
  • Click Format Painter on the standard toolbar.
  • Next, select the text which will be changed to the font style and size of the other.
  • If you want to select several different text areas of your document, double-click on the Format Painter. Just remember to click Format Painter off or it will keep formatting whatever you click.
  • The Format Painter will also copy the ruler. Click a line that has tabs or indented margins.
  • Click or select a line or paragraph and the new format will be applied to the entire paragraph.
  • Bullets and numbering can also be copied with Format Painter.

Quick Tip: Double-click on the Format Painter and you can change the formatting on multiple areas of your document. Just be careful that you don’t click on an area that you don’t want modified.

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