Free "LabXchange" Science Education Platform Launched By Amgen Foundation, Harvard FAS

Three students work with microscopes.
(Image credit: iStock./HASLOO)

The Amgen Foundation and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University (Harvard FAS) today announced the global launch of LabXchange™, a free online science education platform that provides users with access to personalized instruction, virtual lab experiences and networking opportunities across the global scientific community. 

LabXchange gives students access to a library of educational videos, interactive simulations and personalized instruction to aid them in their scientific discovery.

Through virtual lab experiments, videos and online collaboration with others in the global science community, students can experience the scientific process for themselves.   

By simulating key techniques in molecular and cellular biology, like using CRISPR to correct genetic defects, students can explore a wide range of scientific methods and build their acumen in harnessing science to solve real-life problems.

Key features of LabXchange include:

  • Free access to a library of educational content including videos, interactive simulations and assessments
  • Ability to mix and match material
  • Global networking functionality, enabling teachers to collaborate beyond a single classroom, school or district.

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