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Free online vocabulary tool

Thinkmap, the company behind the Visual Thesaurus, has just launched
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Thinkmap, the company behind the Visual Thesaurus, has just launched, a free tool for assessing which words students need to learn and in giving them the motivation and means to master those words.

Visitors to can join The Challenge, answering vocabulary questions designed to evaluate and teach vocabulary words.

Adaptive Vocabulary Instruction (AVI), provides the right question at the right time, regardless of proficiency level, while the Dictionary uses predictive technology to display the appropriate definition before the user has finished typing the word.



New Online Tool Extracts Vocabulary

 Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus has launched a new tool called VocabGrabber ( that helps teachers and students target the key vocabulary from a text within seconds. VocabGrabber extracts words from any document and demonstrates how those words are used in context. It's intended for language arts teachers, students of English at all levels of proficiency, or anyone who wants fresh insights into how language works.


Words constitute the stuff and fluff of all oral and written communication. Without them, there could be no self-expression, theatrical performance, or song. They create binding contracts, establish political borders, and cast magical spells. Countries go to war over thoughtless words uttered in haste. Children make

Free Data-Management Tool

I've heard that the federal government is hosting a free Web-based data tool for schools that's supposed to help with NCLB reporting requirements. Do you know anything about it? In order to help districts meet the reporting requirements of No Child Left Behind, the U.S. Department of Education has partnered with