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Free Tool for Saving Webpages

A free new tool called iCyte is now offering the ability to save and organize 'Cytes' (text, pictures, articles - even entire web pages) with the click of a button. 
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Clunky, disorganized bookmarks can only handle a certain amount of online information before they become unruly and difficult to sift through. Likewise, copy/paste doesn't save formatting, is difficult to organize, and is harder to link back to the original website for easy reference. A free new tool called iCyte is now offering students and teachers the ability to save and organize 'Cytes' (text, pictures, articles - even entire web pages) with the click of a button.

Users can highlight the information he or she would like to save and click the iCyte icon on the browser toolbar. Then, the data can be categorized into different projects designated by the user. Tags and notes can be added for further categorization, creating a searchable database.

"iCyte has developed a unique patent-pending technique whereby your tags and notes are saved in context with the entire web page and stored on the company's server," said iCyte co-founder Stephen Foley." Users can choose to access highlighted information with iCyte View or with Live View, the former of which enables you to view the webpage as it was when you first saved it."

iCyte is useful for middle and high school students; they can use it to store important research material for assignments, along with their own personal projects. Teachers can invite colleagues and friends to join their projects, discover new research, and share information.

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