Georgia Study Reveals Classworks Users Have More Growth On CRCT

A Georgia state-wide data analysis has revealed that students who used Classworks during the 2011-2012 school year saw more growth on CRCT results than their peers. The results of the data demonstrate that with even as little as sixty minutes per month per subject, Classworks Users have a higher percentage of increase in students who Met/Exceeded on the CRCT in 2012 compared to Non-Users, in all subjects.

For the analysis, a sample of 20,000 students was selected from across Georgia. Students were included if they met the following criteria: enrolled in grades four through eight, had CRCT scores available from both 2011 and 2012, and are from Georgia districts using Classworks. The study tracked this cohort of students from 2011 to 2012, comparing their yearly CRCT results and movement along the CRCT performance measures.

“Classworks is a strong tool to prepare our students. We’ve seen immediate results in the form of improved skills, ability to apply knowledge, and increased confidence,” said Greg Arnsdorff, Assistant Superintendent of Effingham County School District. “It’s wonderful to now have the affirmation that the program is also making the long-term impact on our CRCT results.”

The results confirm that students who used Classworks for at least six hours during the school year saw more growth than the students who did not. Language Arts saw the largest growth overall, with Classworks Users tripling the CRCT gains compared to Non-Users (4.03 vs. 0.97 percentage points). Reading was also notable, as it was the only subject in which Classworks Users increased while Non-Users decreased (0.31 vs. -1.03 percentage points).

A more in-depth analysis of students’ math results in middle school was also conducted. The sixth grade students demonstrated the highest increase with Classworks Users, almost doubling the increase in Met/Exceeded compared to Non-Users (12.15 vs. 6.23 percentage points).

It was also revealed that when time-on-task increased, there was an even greater increase in CRCT gains. The addition of just five minutes per week (more than nine hours) in Reading led Classworks Users to more than a full percentage point in gains compared to Non-Users (1.79 vs. 0.31 percentage points).