Getting the Attention you Deserve

Sometimes, when you lead a workshop, does it seem like no one is listening? If teachers or even your students are sitting in front of a computer, it is very tempting for them to search the Internet or email a friend instead of paying attention to you. There are several ways to get their attention without jumping up and down and yelling “Listen to Me!â€

  • Address the teachers with “Excuse me Ladies and/or Gentlemen†to get them back on track. Sometimes teachers are surprised when someone calls them in this proper manner.
  • Ask the teachers to put the mouse on it’s back to rest. Tell them the mouse is tired and needs to take a break. (Previous tip from Janice Friesen)
  • For discussions, brainstorming, or formal instruction, ask teachers to move their chairs into a circle away from the computers. This gives a more intimate focused environment without any temptations to talk or work on the computer.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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