Getting the Picture in Word

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Question: When I put pictures or clip art into my Word document, I can’t easily drag them to where I want them to go. Can I change this?

The IT Guy says:
When you first import an image into Word, the program treats it like a large block of text. If you move it around, it will align to the left of the page, or push the text around and drop into the middle of the sentence—if you can get it to move at all!

To give more control over the placement of the picture, select it by clicking on it and go to the Format menu and go all the way down to Picture. In the window that opens, there will be several tabs across the top. Select the one that says Layout.

The one that says In line with text is the default, and probably the least useful option. Square and Tight give you more flexibility in where you drop the picture, and will cause the text to wrap around the image. Behind text does exactly that—the image is placed behind the text; this is how people make documents with the word DRAFT in the background. In front of text is exactly the opposite, with the image blocking the text.

Any of these options will give you more control over the placement of your images, and make creating picture-filled documents a lot less frustrating!

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