Getting the Word Out(2)

Okay — the school year has just started. You have met with your professional development team. You did a complete needs analysis to determine what your teachers and administrators need. You have set up workshops, coaching opportunities, and online courses. Now all you need are participants.

  • Schedule time on the agenda at principals’, curriculum, technology leaders’, faculty, and department meetings to present the list of professional development opportunities.
  • Create an area on the school and district Website to list the opportunities with descriptions, dates, times, place, facilitator, contact information, costs, supplies, etc.
  • Provide an online database with login so participants can sign up using the Internet.
  • Create one flyer with a list of all the opportunities and ask a site representative to put one in each teacher’s box.
  • If a workshop has room available, create a special flyer to distribute at school and district meetings.
  • Offer coaching before and after school with a sign up list. You can even offer “Breakfast with…â�� sessions and bring some bagels or such for your participants.
  • If you have a closed circuit TV system, you can do a Public Service Announcement about the PD program and what is available.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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