Getting to Know You

Here is an idea to use if you will be doing Professional Development with the same group for several sessions. Each time it is good to begin the session with some opening activity where the participants have a chance to talk and to move around.

Two Truths and a Fib (First Session)

This works best if the participants do not know each other at all, but can also be fun with people who "think" they know each other.

  • First have each person write down three things about themselves to share to the group.
  • Two should reveal true things about themselves, or things that happened to them. The third should be a fib.
  • They should prepare to share all three things with the group in a mixed up order.
  • When there has been enough quiet time for people to write things down have them take turns sharing the two truths and the fib.
  • Then the group votes on which one was the fib.
  • As the group is sharing, take notes of some truths about each person.

Bingo (Second Session)

For the second meeting (or a later meeting) prepare a bingo-like grid with these notes.

  • Write on each square something that someone shared as one of their truths. Begin the meeting by giving them the "bingo" cards.
  • Have them find who matches each square and have that person sign the square. Either have prizes available for the first person to have a bingo or to fill the whole grid.

Submitted by:
Janice Friesen
eMINTS National Center
Columbia, Missouri