Give me Five!

You have an important message to deliver to the teachers and you asked your administrator for some time during the weekly staff meeting. You find there is only 5 minutes. How are you going to deliver the message and get your point across in such a short time?

Scenario: You want to set up a coaching schedule for teachers and share examples of inquiry projects.

  • Prioritize: Select and prioritize your key points. Explain why professional development works best if it is what the teachers want.
  • Framework: Provide a framework on several different times and types of coaching that can be offered.
  • Rationale: Give them some evidence or rationale why one type of inquiry projects might work better than another. Point to research that may support your view.
  • Examples: Show an example or share a story where these types of projects and coaching have worked. If you have websites, show them. Print out quotes, stories or illustrations and distribute. Offer books, research articles, or Web sites to provide additional insight into specific inquiry projects.
  • Next Steps: Give them the next step since time is short. Ask your teachers to schedule times to sign up to meet with you and to think about specific curriculum topics they would like to expand into projects.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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