Good Firewall Option

Question: What inexpensive firewall security options are available?

The IT Guy says:
Thanks to an IT Guy reader for the following tip:

A while ago I submitted a question here about firewall for the school that I work for. I found a great solution. It is called Astaro and it provides many tools including firewall abilities, e-mail scanning for viruses, spam blocking for the network and content filter with option to create different profiles with different access (the children in my school can only access a list of websites that I had selected, while the teachers can access a list that is restricted by a list of rules). The firewall is based on Linux and is cheap because the all the parts of it are open source code but they are bundled here together to make sure that they work well with each other. I do not work for that company but I wanted to recommend that tool to other IT people that straggle with the right solution. I have compared several tools and although sonicwall firewall was good it could only give me a limited access list of 60 entries to my white list of accessible sites and that was not enough for me.

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