Greater Latrobe School District updates tech

The Greater Latrobe School District, which manages over 2,000 workstations and laptops across six locations, recently implemented Novell ZENworks Configuration Management to help update its technology.

One of the district’s challenges was its small IT staff—employees were often busy imaging machines from May through October, and were unable to provide each of the six locations with individualized attention. Greater Latrobe wanted to provide better user support and use its IT resources more efficiently.

With ZENworks, the district was able to reduce desktop imaging time by 50 percent and give students and staff improved access to the applications they need. With centralized desktop management, the IT staff has saved travel time and costs by 75 percent. The helpdesk staff now uses remote control to provide user support, resolving issues 70 percent faster. Additionally, inventory and asset management capabilities reduce the risk of software license non-compliance, ensuring the district stays on top of its program management.