Help Desk

At Randolph School, we have a Help Desk composed of students who are currently taking our Hardware/Networking elective (1 semester of each). As a lab for the class, each student is required to work one hour a week along side our technician. The students can be the first response to teacher/student problems and this frees the technician to work on more complex problems. The students learn a great deal. As more and more students take the class, our pool of tech experts grows. The students log their activity in a book that stays in the technician's office. We have 300 individual student/faculty laptops on campus; we have another 40 in two mobile carts. In addition, we have approximately 100 lab/classroom/office desktop computers. Our philosophy at Randolph is to respond to classroom needs as soon as possible (DEAR approach-drop everything and run). There is a Help Desk email address and a phone in the technician's office so users can email if they are able or can call the Help Desk or send a student to the Help Desk. We have approximately 12 students in the hardware/networking class who are required to work one class period per week. In addition, students in the computer club can volunteer to work during free periods. The students assist teachers and/or students

Submitted by:Emily Craft, Director of Technology & Staff Development
Randolph School
Huntsville, Alabama