Historic district adopts technology of today

A lot has changed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, since the 1740’s when Elder Thomas Faunce, the town’s record keeper, documented the location of Plymouth Rock and other important information of the time. Now, in 2010, all Plymouth School District records will be stored and managed online through a 21st-century student information platform.

The district had sought a vendor offering a reliable, integrated SIS, coupled with a flexible implementation schedule. After a vigorous selection process, Plymouth selected X2’s Aspen student information platform, which integrates core K-12 applications, including teacher gradebook, master scheduling, family and student portals, reporting, special education, learning and community pages, health management, and personnel and professional development.

Teachers, administrators and parents will be able to manage important data such as attendance, health, schedules, homework and academic progress for the municipality’s 8,000 students and 600 teachers. Students will be able to submit assignments online; teachers will be able to record grades and manage students with special needs; and administrators will be able to manage the school schedule, health, state reporting of grades and other vital school records.

“Plymouth’s software requirements include a powerful SIS built on a universally-accessible platform, standards-based report cards, vendor hosting, and the capacity to make customizations to suit their business objectives,” said Steve Rando, user advocacy services director at X2.