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Question: How do I set the page on the browser to a different web site?

The IT Guy says:
It's kind of nice to be able to pick where you want to start your day when you fire up your web browser! To do this, first go to the web page that you want to be your regular home page. Then go to the Tools menu and select Options or Internet Options. (On a Mac, click on the browser name in the upper left hand corner and select "Preferences.") Make sure you are on the tab labeled General, and you should see a window titled Home page, with a web address in it. Right below it will be a button that says something like Use Current or Set to Current Page. Click on this button, and your home page will be set to the page you have open.

You can even go a step further, if you want. If you use the "tabs" function on your browser, and if you have multiple websites open in tabs when you click Set to Current Page, all of those tabs will be set. Every time you open your browser, all of the tabs will open at the same time. That's only for real web browsing junkies—but I know you're out there!

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