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How district policy for access to Web 2.0 tools is perceived

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Characterize the policy of your school/district for access to Web 2.0 tools...

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Accessibility Issues and Web 2.0

I'd thought we were doing well with equal access issues, but recently our Special Education Department teachers have raised several questions about accessibility and new, Web-based tools that are being used in classrooms. Where can I learn more about this? As the web becomes increasingly interactive,

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Sneak Preview of Teachers' Views on Web 2.0

 Early results show that 62% of educators who responded have joined one or more social networking websites, and their participation on these sites has had a positive impact on their attitudes about using this technology for personal and professional purposes, and in the classroom.

Four Web 2.0 Collaborative-Writing Tools

from Educators' eZine --> According to Wikipedia, the term collaborative writing refers to work created by a group collaboratively rather than by one person individually. Collaborative writing is useful for projects, for

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Got Web 2.0?

Education authorsGwen Solomon andLynne Schrum arelooking for examplesof Web 2.0 tool andapp uses for thesecond edition oftheir book, Web 2.0:How-to for Educators.

Create Web 2.0 Flashcards in a Flash!

by Jenn Farr   I must admit I have a bit of an aversion to drill type activities, but I realize there are times that students need to practice and memorize certain concepts in order to succeed. Certainly we all

District website blocking policies

Question: Doug Johnson, an IT Guy reader, send in the following tip regarding district website blocking policies. The IT Guy says: Districts need to have a process in place for determining which Websites are blocked and which are not, just as they now have a process in place for dealing with materials