How I do show a DVD on my laptop through the projector?

Question: When I play the DVD now, the movie plays on my computer but motion does not transfer through the projector.

The IT Guy says:
Laptops usually have less video memory than desktop computers. This is usually not a problem for most people, unless you want to play high-powered video games (which you would never do with your work computer, of course!) or show DVDs on an external projector. It's simply too much for the computer to display the video on the laptop and the projector at the same time.

To be able to share the video through the projector, you need to make an adjustment to your video settings. Where you access this will vary from laptop to laptop, but typically you will find that one of your function keys either has a little picture of two monitors separated by a slash, or says LCD/CRT. On my computer, that is on key F5.

If you hold down the Fn key and the key I described above, it will cycle your computer through three display settings. The first one will have your laptop display on, but not the projector; the second one will have both the projector and the laptop screen on; the third will be just the projector. If you toggle to having just the projector on, then your DVD should play through the projector. (Just make sure you are sitting in place where you can see the projected image, because you won't be able to see what you're doing on the laptop screen!) When you are done with the video, press the same key combination to cycle back to having your laptop screen on.

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