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How many pennies will your bridge hold?

This activity provides instructions for building bridges using file cards and then measuring their strength in pennyweights.  You may find that a file card bridge can hold more pennies than you'd think Using file cards, you can make two of

Latest Numbers on Student Internet Access

I’m meeting with a planning group to discuss online access at the high school. I’d like to share some up-to-date statistics about Internet use among teens and their attitudes about the Internet. Where can I find this information? The Pew Internet & American Life project is a great resource. The project

Options for Controlling Internet Access

Question: What options are available for controlling student access of the Internet? The IT Guy says: One of the goals of every school’s computer literacy curriculum and campus policies should be helping students learn to be responsible and ethical users of technology tools. To this end, schools need to

Limiting access to home wireless networks

Question: What method or methods do you recommend for limiting the access other people (like neighbors) can have to my home wireless network? The IT Guy says: The first important step is to change the default name of your wireless network to something people would not easily guess, and then turn off the

How to Use the Internet

How to Use the Internet This excellent site outlining each step for Internet research at the secondary level focuses on a variety of information literacy topics, from how to cite sources to how to evaluate information on the Internet. It includes teacher resources. OSLIS Secondary •

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How to Fix Your Bleeding Heart

In the wake of Heartbleed, the bug in the widely used Open SSL used to encrypt and secure thousands of well-known Web sites, all of us have potentially had many of our passwords compromised.