If You Host it Will They Come?

How to Get More Attendees at Workshops

Have you attended an event lately where the attendance was dismal? Why don't we ever market our great ideas and efforts effectively in education?

My friend and colleague, Dr. Katie Klinger came up with a great idea for a workshop at a recent conference...What do you do with an empty room? Answer, make the best of any situation and hope that your best will shine through. Act as though you have a filled room, but personalize and individualize your delivery.

I recently gave a presentation the last day the CUE conference, at the last session. I feared no one would attend, but 10 attentive people came and they got the best workshop I could deliver. Each of those 10 folks shared the information with maybe 2 other people, so in reality I was able to reach 30 people, or possibly more.

  • Staff Development Doesn't Have to Be Cliché
  • 6 Degrees of Separation, you know someone who knows someone, who knows someone....
  • Tell a Friend, Word of Mouth Advertising
  • Never Toot Your Own Horn, Heck Blow It!
  • Not in Our Backyard, You are never a prophet in your own land... but Home is where the Heart is!

Submitted by:
Cynthia Sistek-Chandler
K-12 Curriculum for Thomson Gale Publishing
Adjunct Faculty, National University
eCoach Advisory