Images in Text Box

When you add images to Word, they are inputted as in line with text. You can always change the way text wraps around the images with the image formatting tools, but there is another way to add an image that is easier to manipulate.

  • Go to View to Toolbars to Drawing.
  • Click on the Text Box icon.
  • Use the crosshair to click and drag a text box.
  • Go to Insert to Picture to Clip Art.
  • Resize the clip art to make it smaller and the text box automatically resizes to fit around it.
  • Click on the clip art and then click to the right of the clip art to bring up the blinking cursor.
  • Type some text and resize to fit.
  • Double-click on the box around the clip art to bring up the formatting dialog box.
  • Click on Layout and change the text wrap to Square.

Around the world

You can move the box by clicking on the lines of the text box. If you want, you can change the line to none.

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