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Infographic Illustrates Technology's Impact on Education

Back to school used to bring images of blackboards, chalk, pencils and paper to mind.
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Back to school used to bring images of blackboards, chalk, pencils and paper to mind. But now, with the influence of technology in the K12 classroom, a more up-to-date image would have to include sophisticated teaching tools like interactive white boards, tablet computers, e-readers, and PCs. Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider ( experienced with K12/E-Rate, has created an infographic using statistics from two recent surveys that show the importance of technology in today's K12 classroom.

Findings include:

  • 74% of teachers say technology enables them to reinforce and expand on content.
  • 74% of teachers that say technology helps them motivate students to learn.
  • 68% of teachers express a desire for more classroom technology.
  • 65% of teachers claim technology allows them to demonstrate something they cannot show in any other way.
  • 43% of teachers in AP/NWP classrooms report that their students use tablet computers to complete assignments.




Measuring the Impact of Technology Use

We are updating the technology section of the school plan, and need to decide how we will measure the impact of technology use on student achievement. We are required to look at standardized tests, but aren’t sure this will tell the whole story. What additional measures can we use? Standardized tests do

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Infographic: Teachers Want Technology

Recently featured on, this infographic indicates teachers view ed tech as a motivational tool. The site states:Three-quarters of teachers who responded to a recent PBS poll said they want access to more technology in the classroom; 56 percent said they use websites as a tool to help students learn; and 77 percent said they use technology to motivate students. Just 21 percent of respondents said they have the right level of technology in their classrooms.Check out the infographic below.

Measuring the Impact of Technology Use: Where to Start?

The evaluation component of our technology plan is getting much closer scrutiny than in the past. We need to figure out how to improve this part of the plan, but we don’t know where to begin! A well-designed evaluation begins with a series of guiding or key questions that tie directly back to your plan goals.