Inspirational Videos and Guidelines for Sharing Media

Inspirational Videos and Guidelines for Sharing Media

When educator Bob Greenberg retired, he wanted to learn more about teaching and learning. The end result? Greenberg toured the world, filming inspirational people whom he met along the way, most of whom are authors and leading thinkers in education. Now, anyone can benefit from Greenberg’s interviews via YouTube on “The Brainwaves” channel.

The free videos typically run between five and ten minutes. If you’re considering incorporating these in professional development at your school, T&L advisor Lisa Nielson recommends following the WNET guidelines for using digital media in the classroom.

Frame: Provide a context that helps viewers pay attention to the main content of the media.

Focus: Help viewers notice the important aspects of the media by providing them with a specific focus while they interact with the media.

Follow-up: Provide an opportunity for viewers to summarize what they saw and did. Re-telling and discussing helps to consolidate and remember understanding.