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Instructional improvement software chosen

LoudCloud Systems has been awarded the Instructional Improvement System (IIS) bid from Jefferson County School District, Colorado.
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LoudCloud Systems, provider of LoudCloud University Suite, a Higher Education Learning Management System (LMS), has been awarded the Instructional Improvement System (IIS) bid from Jefferson County School District, Colorado. The process to reach a final decision involved a detailed review of six prominent software contenders over several months, during which contenders had to demonstrate their product offerings and respond to district personnel inquiries from the Division of Instruction, Information Technology and Purchasing.

“LoudCloud’s product was chosen because their technology is ahead of any other tool that we have seen,” said Matt Cormier, executive director of education technology services. “It was obvious when we reviewed LoudCloud’s product and staff that their commitment was to improve student achievement and provide the correct support for teachers and administrators.”

In recent years, the Jeffco Public School District has invested significantly in technologies and tools to capture teacher-student engagement information. Using LoudCloud’s web 2.0 and analytics technologies, Jeffco will integrate and streamline these tools and mine the data to provide relevant information to support teacher-student engagement. Dan Domagala, Chief Information Officer, Colorado Department of Education, applauds Jeffco for “not only taking bold steps towards Instructional Improvement technology, but for also working with the state and other districts in Colorado to share technical advancements and leverage best practices in education.”

LoudCloud’s IIS was built around LoudAnalytics™, a core LoudCloud Systems’ LMS module that measures student engagement, identifies at-risk learners, and tracks student outcomes in Higher Education. LoudCloud Systems’ IIS will enable Jeffco to identify profiles and patterns of best practices – instructional strategies, content and teaching styles that match different student learning needs.



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