Interactive Activities Engage Students

How do you engage students into learning difficult concepts? How do you make the most of an interactive whiteboard? You can help your teachers find and use interactive activities that are free on the Internet. Try some of these first with your K-8 teachers:

  • The Numbers Game is perfect for the interactive whiteboard or even one computer. It is based on the TV show where children use the chosen numbers to find the target number within a given time limit.
  • For K-3 students, check out Analog Clock to learn how to tell time with an old-fashioned clock face.
  • For the music lovers, use Arts Alive and try the activities and games with your class.
  • Go to Invention Playhouse to Cloud Dreamer to use your powers of make-believe to conjure up a cloud of your own design.
  • Create a graph using Grapher in front of the entire class. You can title your graph, change the labels, x and y axis and print out.
  • Try using the Measuring Cylinder to collect data.
  • For an almost real outdoor experience, go for a Walk in the Woods.

All of these can be demonstrated in front of the whole class with an interactive whiteboard.

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