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Internet for Everyone?

For most of us, we work, play,and communicate daily from ourmultiple devices, but there arestill billions of people who do nothave access to the Internet.
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For most of us, we work, play, and communicate daily from our multiple devices, but there are still billions of people who do not have access to the Internet. Google is filling the sky with balloons to bring the Internet to rural and remote areas, and Facebook has launched its Internet Everywhere initiative through, a global partnership between technology leaders, nonprofits, local communities, and experts who are working together to bring the Internet to the two-thirds of the world’s population that doesn’t have it.’s focus will be on these emerging markets, and I’m okay with that as we will all benefit if we are connected globally. Just one request: don’t lose sight of the emerging markets that have no access right here in our own rural and less fortunate neighborhoods.
–CIO Advisor Jon Castelhano

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Options for Controlling Internet Access

Question: What options are available for controlling student access of the Internet? The IT Guy says: One of the goals of every school’s computer literacy curriculum and campus policies should be helping students learn to be responsible and ethical users of technology tools. To this end, schools need to

Students Bypassing Internet Filters

Question: Students in our district are managing to use proxy servers to bypass our Internet filtering system. What can we do to stop them? The IT Guy says: The first step toward dealing with unauthorized website access by users on your network is identifying the possible methods of access they may be employing.

Managing Internet traffic in Canadian schools

 Network security and student safety have emerged as top priorities for education leaders in Canada as educators rely increasingly on the Internet for instruction, educational resources, assessment, data management, and more.

Unavailable Internet Links

Question: Why am I often unable to access Internet links from my classroom computer? The IT Guy says: Several different things could account for problems with Internet links on your classroom computers. Hints about why the links are not working are likely provided by the error message you are presented after you

Librarians' Index to the Internet

Name: Librarians' Index to the Internet Brief Description of the Site: Despite its commercialization, the Web remains a valuable research tool, as this site demonstrates. Think of Librarians' Index to the Internet as a moderated portal to knowledge. Its home page offers no fewer than 14 mega-categories (from

Utilizing the Internet

Utilizing the Internet This site offers a tutorial, in the form of six short videos, on using the Internet. Content includes an introduction to the basics of the Internet and the World Wide Web, a look at how to use search engines, credibility of online sources, and online netiquette. (NOTE: Windows

Internet Safety Training for Parents

Surveys of parents at our site show that they would like to participate in Internet safety classes. Before the teachers and I begin developing lessons of our own, is there an existing curriculum we could use or adapt? It's great that you and your staff are preparing to provide this important

Acceptable Internet Use Polices: A Guide for School Districts

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) today released its Acceptable Use Polices in a Web 2.0 & Mobile Era:A Guide for School Districts, which is aimed at assisting district leaders develop, rethink or revise Internet policies to address the growing use of mobile devices and Web 2.0.