Iowa consortium approves special needs curriculum

Monarch Teaching Technologies’ VizZle software is now approved in the Iowa state software sales contract by the Iowa Educators Consortium (IEC). This joint venture aims to benefit students with autism who need access to effective visual education software.

“It is vital that students with autism have access to the most effective tools early so that they can reach their full learning potential,” said Terry Murphy, president of Monarch Teaching Technologies. “Now schools in Iowa will be able to purchase VizZle at a substantial group rate discount, allowing districts to help their students with special needs to be successful despite shrinking budgets.”

IEC offers reduced pricing for VizZle and other educational software from companies, including Crick Software, Kurzweil, Texthelp, and other educational resources. The IEC’s voluntary purchasing program for K-12 schools brings all statewide school purchasing programs under one legal umbrella and one fiscal management group.