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iPad cloud storage service upgrades

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eBackpack (eBackpack.com) has added an enhancement to its secure, cloud-based file storage, file sharing, and file collaboration service that helps teachers manage files and homework using the iPad. In addition, students can turn in homework electronically and their teacher can grade, comment and return assignments to the students.

Michael Giordano, a high school English teacher in San Antonio, Texas uses iPads in his English and Creative Writing classes. “eBackpack allows my students to access and save updated versions of their papers on their iPads. I can easily review their work after class, add comments, and the students are able to work with the new file that night or the next day in class. We no longer spend the end of the class printing out the work we did and I don’t have to carry a stack of papers – it has easily given the students 10 more minutes of work time per class.” 



Cloud services for education

IBM today announced  the IBM SmartCloud for Education, a set of cloud services and offerings designed to help education systems leverage predictive analytics, enhance researcher effectiveness, and alleviate constrained lab resources for learning. 

New Education Cloud Solutions and Services

Dell launched today its Next Generation Learning Platform, which integrates core education applications, digital learning resources and learning data to help educators address specific learning styles.

Cloud storage site teams up with school webmaster

eBackpack —a secure, cloud based location for teachers to store files, distribute assignments, and collaborate with students and colleagues—has partnered with School Webmasters, which builds and maintains websites for schools and also offers hosting and content management. eBackpack gives teachers a

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