Is SIS Training Appropriate for Me?

My district is implementing a new Student Information System (SIS) and is requiring that all office staff and administrators attend training. I understand why the office managers and clerks need this training, but why do I need to go?

With all the demands on administrators' time, it's tempting to avoid any additional meetings or workshops. However, taking the time upfront to learn how to use the new SIS will likely save you time in the long run. In addition to automating routine tasks such as attendance taking and developing student records, today's SIS programs typically include modules and reporting features administrators need to use such as scheduling, tracking discipline incidents, monitoring budgets, and analyzing test scores and other assessment data.

Another important reason for you to attend is the fact that implementation of a new SIS is often sabotaged by staff who simply refuse to use the program properly. Your presence at trainings sends an important message to your staff; by attending you are showing that the SIS is an important tool, worth your time and attention.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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