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Web 2.0 Tools & Tips
Publish date: is a web site that provides price comparisons among over a dozen online stores that are either booksellers, auction sites, used book dealer networks, or a combination of two or three. They retrieve prices that as timely as each bookselling site allows and display them in order of lowest available price to highest price. In addition you can also display results based on timelyness of delivery. This site is a good example of a Web 2.0 tool that takes advantage of the methods that book sellers provide to allow customers easy access to their products. The next time you are looking for a book, rather than visit each book sellers individual site, give a try.



Visual Searching

Tip: This is a unique and fun way to search Go to KartOO, which calls itself a “visual meta search engine.” Type in your search topic and click Go. A “map” with interactive links to related Web pages appears. Click on any of the links. At the left will appear a tiny image of

Amazon Advanced Book Search Features

Recently I mentioned a little-known feature of's "Search Inside" tool that will produce a tag cloud of the 100 most—frequently used words in a book offered by Amazon. This Concordance feature is just one of the tools available to students and teachers from Amazon. Below is another example of how

Lowest Gas Prices

Tip: MapQuest now has a way for you to find a gas station near you with the lowest prices of gas. Type in city, state, and/or zip code and then click Search. At the top bar, you can see the highest and lowest prices for gas for the area you asked to search. The results appear as a list and three

Online Books

Tip: The Internet is opening up the world of books to everyone everywhere. As professional developers, we can use resources from a list of relevant digital books appropriate for students’ different learning styles. The Open Library ( offers free Web access to important collections