ISTE NEWS: MIND Research Institute Introduces ST Math Chats

MIND Research Institute today announced a suite of lessons within its flagship solution ST MathⓇ. The new ST Math Chats bring ST Math puzzles into the classroom, building students’ understanding of abstract math concepts through whole-class discussion.

The company will be showcasing the new feature at this year’s ISTE conference, which takes place June 23rd–26th in Philadelphia.  The company was recently awarded a patent for the core of how ST Math functions.

ST Math Chats are 25- to 30-minute lessons that utilize 1:1 or 2:1 technology to create an interactive learning and sharing experience that begins with visual models or puzzles. Using MIND’s “play, discuss, apply” model, these lessons designate time for students to play an ST Math game, participate in whole-class discussion, and then apply what they’ve learned to a math problem that concludes the lesson. 

“In my classroom, we have a lot of students who are learning the English language, so they maybe haven’t been as active in my math class previously,” said Meagan Erwin, a 3rd-grade teacher at Columbus City Schools. “But all they have to do is look at those puzzles and everyone’s engaged in what we’re doing. Having that targeted puzzle work where we’re all doing the same puzzles at the same time, and then can come back and talk about that, has been great for the kids and for my math instruction.” 

ST Math Chats will be available for the 2019-2020 school year in open beta for no additional charge to current customers as well as those signing on during the year. The lessons are standards-aligned for grades three through five, and designed for easy implementation. Each lesson provides opportunities for whole-class, small-group, and partner discussion. Guided questions offer suggestions on how to spark conversation every step of the way.

During ISTE, MIND Research Institute will be holding 45-minute sessions in which attendees will experience the “play, discuss, apply” model that drives ST Math Chats. Sessions are scheduled for Monday, June 24th, and Tuesday, June 25th at 2 p.m. in the Cisco Active Learning Space, located in room 106AB. Interested educators can register online for the Monday session or the Tuesday session.