ISTE NEWS: Nearpod Launches Time To Climb

nearpod logo, blue

Nearpod Student Engagement Platform for K-12 teachers, today launched Time to Climb, a new game-based activity that allows students to compete across various subjects through interactive visualizations to assess comprehension and increase engagement in the classroom. 

Time to Climb, the platform’s introduction of game-based activities to its lessons, is designed to ignite friendly competition and interactivity in the classroom while  assessing students’ understanding. The activity, which can be embedded in any lesson, asks students to answer multiple choice questions against the clock in a race to the top of a mountain, visualizing their progress and understanding through interactive simulations. At the end of the game, the top three winners are presented with fanfare, bringing friendly competition into the classroom. Additionally, teachers are given access to post-session reporters on each students’ performance, allowing them to get a full picture of their classes’ comprehension in real-time. 

Time To Climb is integrated into any existing Nearpod lesson, allowing any topic or subject to be gamified. The teacher will see a dashboard with the students’ ranking, as well as a view of the mountain as the students progress towards the top and students can see the class rankings on the teacher view. Teachers can integrate any of the 25 pre-made offerings with existing Nearpod-created lessons or develop their own with tailored questions to fit their students’ needs. 

Time to Climb can be played in any grade level and supports all classroom sizes. The new offering will work on all devices such as desktops, iPads, Chromebooks, Android devices and more. Time to Climb is currently available through teacher-paced lessons.

Teachers can add Time to Climb activities to any existing or new Nearpod lesson - check the collection of ready-to-run lessons here or can stop by Nearpod’s booth (#2234) at ISTE 2019.  

Time to Climb is available at no additional charge for all Nearpod users, including users of Nearpod’s free Silver licenses. To sign up for a free Silver account and start using Nearpod today, click here.