ISTE NEWS: POWERUP Toys Debuts New Powered Origami STEM Kits at ISTE 2019

POWERUP Toys, the creator of paper airplane motor kits for STEM education, is using ISTE 2019 to debut two new upcoming STEM kits – POWERUP RACERS and POWERUP 4.0. The company offers lessons to help students learn the principles of flight while sharpening their problem-solving skills.                                                                                                                     

Students in second grade and up can take the road, water, or air by storm with the new POWERUP RACERS Motorized Origami Vehicles. The small, versatile propulsion motor transforms a paper creation into a motorized car, boat, or airplane - all using the same motor. Students problem solve as they fold their own paper car, boat, or airplane out of a sheet of paper, clip on the fully-charged POWERUP RACERS motor, and drive, float, or fly their creations. The kit - which comes with a propulsion motor, three folding templates, wheels, and fastening clips - can be used to teach aerodynamics and physics in STEM classrooms. 

Students in middle school and high school can use the POWERUP 4.0 ultra-durable propulsion motor to launch, steer, and land their planes using their Bluetooth-connected device and the POWERUP App (available for iOS and Android).  The POWERUP 4.0 has two propellers providing more power and maneuverability, an autopilot-controlled flight feature that makes flying in windy conditions ultra-easy, and new on-board sensors that collect real-time flight performance data. Students then analyze this data and tweak the designs of their airplanes to learn the principles of aerodynamics and physics. 

To see the new STEM kits from POWERUP Toys, visit POWERUP Toys at ISTE 2019 in booth #113. To see the full line of POWERUP Toys motors and accessories, visit: