ISTE11 NEWS: Sound integrated interactive whiteboard

Today at the ISTE 2011 conference, PolyVision will showcase a new digital visualizer, sound integrated interactive whiteboard and a new ultra-short throw projector to bundle with its eno® one height-adjustable interactive whiteboard solution.

New solutions debuting at ISTE 2011 include:
fuse™ digital visualizer - combines a high-resolution document camera, web camera and scanner in a single, compact solution.

eno play- With no visible amplifiers or speakers, eno play integrates sound with a durable interactive whiteboard to tune in every type of learner—from auditory to kinesthetic to visual.

eno one ultra-short throw projector - an ultra-short throw projector for its eno one product family, combining a universal interactive whiteboard, projector and height-adjustable mount and lesson development software.

PolyVision professional development - a blend of tutorials, workshops, webinars and side-by-side learning with education consultants.