IT Service Management Suite Upgrades

Alloy Software, Inc. today announced the introduction of Alloy Navigator 6.5 Enterprise, the company's IT service and asset management suite.

Alloy Navigator 6.5 allows users to manage the complex interrelationships, dependencies and life cycles of workstations, servers, network devices and software licenses and related service history, contracts, warranties and financial information so that users can gain true visibility and transparency.

New and enhanced features include:

  • Calendar Views -for visibility on everything from due tickets to expiring contracts in one place.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey - allows end-users to rate their service while allowing users to improve the customer experience through the ability to analyze those ratings against any number of factors.
  • Self-Service Portal Manager Access - managers and team leads gain oversight and understanding on their team's activity.
  • Auto-Assignment and Workload Balancing -incoming tasks are automatically assigned and load balanced across technicians.