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Jefferson County Students Outperform the State on Math and Reading Tests

• Lack of consistent data tracking student progress toward state standards
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• Lack of consistent data tracking student progress toward state standards
• Lack of predictive assessment data

Jefferson County Public Schools is Colorado’s largest district with almost 86,000 students across 155 schools. In 2006, Jeffco set out to find an online solution to provide consistent data and inform instructional decisions—from the district level to the individual student level.

Today Jeffco Public Schools utilizes Acuity® and Yearly ProgressPro™ to support informed decision making and instruction, and improve student learning.

“Since 2006, Jeffco has partnered with CTB/McGraw-Hill to make these online assessments available to all students and teachers,” said Eric Everding, Executive Director, School and Student Success in Jeffco’s Division of Instruction. “Acuity and Yearly ProgressPro allow us to systematically monitor student progress and ensure the use of data in every classroom.”

Acuity is used with all students in Grades 3–10 as the district’s universal screener in its Response to Intervention (RtI) program. Acuity is a unique integration of predictive and diagnostic assessments, reports, instructional resources, item banks, and item authoring—all aligned to state standards and designed to improve student achievement.

“Acuity has proven to be highly predictive of our state assessment,” said Everding. “It offers valuable information about what students know and are able to do related to grade-level standards in reading and math. As a result, we no longer have to wait to get our state test results back to determine student strengths or areas of need, or to plan professional development.”

Yearly ProgressPro
Yearly ProgressPro is used with a variety of students in Grades 1–12. The online progress monitoring solution combines ongoing formative assessment, prescriptive instruction, reporting, and data management. Built on 25 years of research in curriculum-based measurement, each test assesses all the skills in the annual curriculum.

“We use Yearly ProgressPro to provide targeted and intensive information about students’ skills in math and reading on a weekly basis,” said Everding.

Data Management and Reporting
With Acuity and Yearly ProgressPro, educators can easily track student performance and generate reports at the student, class, school, and district levels.

“Acuity and Yearly ProgressPro give us a common data point, providing accurate, reliable information for decision making,” said Everding.

•Improved CSAP test scores

Thanks to educators’ focused efforts, Jeffco students outperform the state in all grade levels and content areas on the CSAP.

“Acuity and Yearly ProgressPro help us ensure we’re meeting the needs of all our students throughout the school year,” said Everding.

Learn More
For more information on Acuity or Yearly ProgressPro and to view an online demo, visit or call 800.538.9547 to schedule an in-person demonstration.

Acuity is a registered trademark and Yearly ProgressPro is a trademark of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.



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