June 2011, What’s New

June 2011, What’s New

Online & Software
Acuity UnWired

CTB /McGraw-Hill and Turning Technologies have partnered to integrate CTB ’s Acuity UnWired system with Turning Technologies’ TurningKey software. The combination provides direct communication to Acuity through TurningKey, helping teachers save time when administering and grading assessments.
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Category: assessment

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

The company’s new version of Creative Suite is ISTE -standards-aligned educational software that helps students and educators follow in the footsteps of creative professionals. The program uses leading tools for HTML 5, CSS3, and Adobe Flash, enabling users to create rich content for any screen or mobile device.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: production tools

DataLink 3.0

NewTek has announced the release of the latest update of the LiveText 2 integrated application, which helps teachers deliver information to TriCaster. DataLink 3.0 streamlines the configuring and managing of data sources and includes support for RSS feeds.
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Category: video production

eBOARD Solutions

eBOARD solutions has released a new version of its cloud-based governance tool, which helps administrators align their work and create a paperless workflow for processes. eBOARD can help teachers create agendas (public and internal), create and manage strategic plans, and conduct evaluations. The tool can be used at both the district and the school levels.
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Category: management

eGenio Integrated Learning Environment

eGenio Education Solutions now has a cloud-based platform that integrates learning, student information, digital resources, and more. Integrated Learning Environment provides teachers with the Common Core State Standards and other resources they need to align content with standards while incorporating multimedia into lessons.
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Category: management

The Geometer’s Sketchpad Version 5 Curriculum Modules

Key Curriculum Press just released curriculum modules for The Geometer’s Sketchpad Version 5. Elementary, middle, and high school students can explore math concepts that are aligned to Common Core State Standards through hands-on activities.
Price: Start at $29.95 per curriculum module
Category: mathematics

HMH Fuse: Algebra 1 App

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt recently launched an Algebra 1 mobile curriculum in the Apple App store that provides teachers with mobile access to the Holt McDougal Algebra 1 core curriculum and greater interactivity.
Price: $59.99
Category: math


netTrekker has released a virtual-workspace solution that allows students to take notes, cite sources, and organize and analyze information for school projects. Combined with netTrekker, igotta gives students access to the resources and content they need to complete assignments.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: management

Letters alive

Logical Choice has developed a Common Core State Standards reading curriculum that can be integrated with interactive whiteboards, document cameras, and laptops. Letters alive uses 3-D animal characters to teach pre-K and kindergarten students basic reading skills.
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Category: reading

Momentum Math Grade Level Editions

PCI Education has launched a targeted math intervention solution for students in grades six through eight. The courses can help students at all levels, including special-needs students and Englishlanguage learners.
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Category: mathematics

NetSupport Assist

The solution provides teachers with core classroom-management technology that’s continuously maintained and updated. Thumbnails show when applications and Web sites are in use, and teachers can take remedial action to block certain Web sites.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: management

PaperCut Version 11

PaperCut provides browser access for students and staff to mixed platform support. Flexible group level controls including monitoring, quotas, charging, print job filtering and allow you to precisely manage your print resources. Version 11 adds a new Dashboard tab to provide administrators with a real-time view of the state and activity of the system, and the interface has been updated. Users can also now use watermarking and job attribution to print a small portion of text to the top or bottom margin of every page.
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Category: management

Pocket Literacy Coach

Designed to help establish dailylearning habits, Pocket Literacy Coach sends daily texts that contain literacy activities and games for parents to practice with kids. The lessons can be incorporated into daily routines, like preparing lunch.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: reading

PowerVocab Lite iPhone app

The app offers students a fun way to learn English vocabulary words. Based on research from MIT Computer Science and Web Semantics Labs, it creates a study program for competitive exams, such as the SAT .
Price: free
Category: vocabulary

Pro Tools MP 9

Avid’s Pro Tools for MP 9 provides music students and professionals with more features for creating music. Updates include Automatic Delay Compensation and MP 3 export capability for quick and easy sharing.
Price: Starts at $299.95.
Category: audio production

Questionmark Analytics

Questionmark Perception has a new module that allows teachers to generate reports on assessment items and results. Questionmark Analytics includes publish-to- PDF and CSV capabilities; users now have a complete solution for quickly creating, distributing, and reporting course evaluations.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: assessment

Reading Skill Builder

Merit Software has launched a Webbased reading comprehension program that includes instruction for improving vocabulary, sequence, factual recall, and inference skills. Students complete an assessment, then progress at their own pace while receiving personal help and tips along the way.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: reading

RoomView Express 6.3

Crestron has announced the release of RoomView Express 6.3 Remote Help Desk and Resource Management. The software helps schools with emergency preparedness and can be customized extensively. It is built into existing RoomView Connected projectors and can be downloaded for easy setup. This latest version enables AV and IT administrators to broadcast imagebased emergency messages and text-based alerts school-wide.
Price: free download
Category: management


Sophia is a first-of-its-kind online social teaching and learning platform that provides free academic content to educators. In beta testing since March, the site lets educators supplement their teaching methods with Web 2.0 tools to create public or private learning environments.
Price: free
Category: social networking

Tutor.com To Go

Students can now access the study tool Tutor. com on their iPod, iPod touch, and iPad mobile devices. They can use the app to gain instant access to their tutors: asking questions, sharing resources, and taking pictures of their assignments to send to their tutors.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: tutoring

Virtual Nerd Playlist

The math and science tutoring Web site VirtualNerd, which offers tutorials for students in grades seven through 12, has made its Playlist feature available to students and parents. Previously available only to educators, Playlist allows users to bookmark video tutorials, practice problems, add notes, and share playlists.
Price: free to educators; premium subscription for parents, $399
Category: math, science

VizZle Classroom Edition

VizZle, produced by Monarch Teaching Technologies, has launched a classroom edition of its Webbased authoring tool. Teachers can now use VizZle to create classroom instruction on their mobile devices. Classroom Edition includes the new Mobile Player and three additional student player licenses. The program offers more than 15,000 pieces of media and 4,000 peer-reviewed lessons.
Price: free trial
Category: management


Thinkmap recently launched a Web site that provides educators with tools for assessing students’ vocabulary skills. Students participate in games like The Challenge, which uses adaptive vocabulary instruction (AVI ) to help students get the right question at the right time.
Price: free
Category: vocabulary

WatchGuard XTM

WatchGuard Technologies has released enhancements of its threat-management system of multifunction firewalls. The latest release of the XTM family enables administrators to manage search capabilities and to manage Web applications better.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: management

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting App

Zaner-Bloser has created a Handwriting App for the iPhone and iPad that covers Print and Manuscript handwriting. Designed to prepare children aged three and up for handwriting instruction, the app offers letter animations and games. Planned upgrades will include Spanish and Cursive.
Price: $1.99
Category: writing


Canon U.S.A. (www.usa.canon.com) has released five multimedia LCD projectors that offer high brightness and long lamp and filter life at a price affordable for schools. The LV-8225 (right, above), LV-7490 (right, top), LV-7390, LV-7295, and LV-7290 offer auto setup, up to 6,000 hours of lamp life, a wideangle 1.2x zoom projection lens, and manual zoom and focus.

HP (www.hp.com) has added a product to its Z Workstation family. Available in convertible-mini-tower and small-formfactor options for small classrooms, the Z210 models provide workstation-class reliability at an affordable price point.

Hitachi (www.hitachi-america.us) has released an ultra-short-throw interactive projector that’s perfect for classroom use, the iPJ-AW250N. It turns any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard without additional hardware. The iPJ-AW250N uses ultrasonic communication, which helps prevent problems with interference.

Video Mount Products (www.videomount.com) has announced an “extra medium” flat-panel wall mount, the FP-XMFT. The low-profile mount tilts and can hold most medium flat panels from 32 to 52 inches and up to 120 pounds. Additionally, its open-back design enables easy management behind the panel.

Casio, America Inc. (www.casio.com) has announced a family of lampfree, eco-friendly data projectors. Designed to help educators “green” their classrooms, the projectors are equipped with Casio’s Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source and can output up to 3,500 lumens. They are also 3-D capable and compatible with interactive whiteboards.

Roland Systems Group (www.rolandsystemsgroup.com) offers K–12 educators a tool to help meet their distance-learning, sportsproduction, media-production, and music- and drama-production needs: the VR-5 fully integrated audio mixer and video switcher with built-in recording. This all-in-one solution is easy to set up for classroom use.

Epson (www.epsonbrighterfutures.com) has announced a solution that provides extensive control of multimedia sources connected to its wallmounted short-throw and ultra-short-throw classroom projectors. The PowerLite Pilot Connection and Control Box lets teachers connect and manage audio and video sources with an easy-to-use solution.

Wacom (www.wacom.com) has created a preconfigured radial menu for the company’s wide-screen, high-definition DTU-2231 interactive pen display. This new feature provides teachers with instant access to commonly used tools in M icrosoft PowerPoint, in addition to “pen-point” control and annotation and markup.

Tecom (www.techpod.com) has launched its newest lectern, the TechPod Lite. This classroom solution offers plug-and-play and requires only power and reducing TCO for setup. Its energyconscious PC boasts 90 percent efficient power supply, and the lectern comes with integrated interactive screen and sound systems as well as an interactive pen display. The TechPod Lite is easy to use, requiring only one click to start a session and one click to switch from PC to laptop.

The Panasonic Toughbook 53 (www.toughbook.com) semi-rugged notebook features 10 hours of battery life and an HD LED display. Additionally, the Toughbook 53 device has embedded wireless connectivity, including Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/ g/n, optional Bluetooth 2.1 and Gobi2000 3G mobile broadband, and optional 4G LTE mobile broadband.