K8 safe social network debuts

Today Everloop, the online community for tweens that allows them to connect, communicate, and collaborate on projects through a safe “social loop,” and i-SAFE, publisher of media literacy and digital citizenship education materials and programming, announce a joint venture to launch the largest series of school social learning networks in the United States. Everloop and i-SAFE will begin to roll out the new e-learning platform in April, 2011.

The e-learning platform developed by Everloop will enable i-SAFE to distribute digital literacy and cyber citizenship curriculum in a way that is current, engaging and compelling for kids, tweens and teachers. “With Everloop's new technology, we’re actually able to re-define the educational model by using social networking for learning,” says Teri Schroeder, founder and CEO of i-SAFE Inc. “We’re pushing past traditional learning concepts and truly bringing globalization to the classroom through a social e-learning platform.”

Everloop’s social “looping” technology was designed as an alternative to open social networks like Facebook. It allows users under the age of 13 to participate in online learning, communicate with friends and classmates, and spend purposeful time with activities tweens love. It does not allow kids to post information that could identify them to strangers, and prevents bullying and inappropriate behavior. Everloop’s age-appropriate social media experience is created by intertwined micro-networks called “loops.” Loops featured include communities of common interest (art, science, culture, reading, sports, current affairs etc.), creative applications for the creation of digital art, music, social games, videos, photos, animation, premium content e-storefront, user-generated content, and other integrated online learning experiences.

In addition to Everloop’s main site, Everloop is the leading provider of COPPA-compliant and fully moderated social looping solutions for tween-centric brands and organizations that want their own branded experience online. Additionally, Everloop offers tweens advanced social media features including real-time texting, SMS (short message services) and voice chat to keep kids connected while ensuring highest level of privacy protection and parental insight. Everloop’s “single sign-on, multi-service access” allows tweens to connect directly to an unlimited amount of relevant content, services, applications and experiences via a single COPPA-compliant, parent-approved registration process.

“All tweens are left out of the social graph because they must be over 13 in order to legally use services such as Facebook. Without having a centralized online community of their own, a tween’s social media experience is disparate, confusing, unmanageable and filled with risk,” says Hilary DeCesare, Everloop co-founder and CEO. “By joining with i-SAFE, tweens will now have their own community platform, specifically designed to meet their needs with special attention paid to collaboration tools and superior privacy protection.”

Everloop offers comprehensive privacy protections, including user authentication, privacy protection, automatic, patent-pending parental “insight” controls and real-time content and behavioral moderation to ensure the highest level of subscriber safety.