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Keep a Portfolio

You may be asked at the next meeting to show a video or provide examples of best practices. Will you have the right ones ready? What about the data that best represents the information you are planning to build your position on? One way to be prepared is to build your own Portfolio demonstrating understanding and expertise. Don’t wait until you are asked to present to put together these resources. Start doing a little at a time by collecting:

  • Student and teacher data representing the school(s) and/or district(s) you work with.Make sure you update the data regularly.Create a chart that shows improvement or need for improvement.Collect examples of student work.
  • Collect videos and links to websites with best practices especially on your subject or focus area.
  • Keep examples of model lessons or units that depict your methods.
  • Compile interviews, quotes, and testimonials from clients.
  • Create an ePortfolio (website) or CD-ROM where you can send the link to people interested in your work.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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