Kentucky district approves website provider

Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), serving more than 100,000 students in the greater Louisville market, announced that it has approved eChalk as a software partner for creating School and Teacher Websites. The online platform will enable teachers, students and parents in JCPS schools to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, to support effective, personalized learning.

eChalk provides a flexible framework and tools to meet the emerging needs of teachers and students. Through eChalk, the JCPS schools can easily maintain school websites and class pages, help teachers apply safe social networking experiences to curriculum lessons, and provide parents with a window into their children’s education. eChalk users also have mobile access to the platform through an app for Android® and iOS® devices.

Research indicates students with involved parents and communities are more likely to do well in school, attend class, and avoid risky behaviors. According to the National Partnership of Schools, parental involvement must be meaningfully integrated into a school’s programs and community in order for it to flourish. Jana Hickey, eLearning Specialist at JCPS, believes this relationship is emblematic of the district’s ongoing commitment to improving education through innovation.

“eChalk will provide us with a way to integrate communication and instruction into one platform and engage all of our stakeholders to support 21st century teaching and learning,” Hickey said. “We’re excited about the tremendous possibilities available to us through eChalk, including the increased opportunities for teachers, students, and parents to connect.”

In many instances, schools have difficulty implementing new technology due to the complexity and extensive teacher training required. That is not an issue with eChalk, however, which has the highest activation rate of any similar product on the market – schools often experience 98 percent or better activation among teachers. Teachers will be able to activate their online classrooms in minutes and integrate the technology in ways that enhance student learning.

eChalk began working with selected JCPS schools in 2010 via a pilot program, and their early success established the foundation for growth district wide. Martin Brutosky, CEO of eChalk, said, “JCPS schools are a testament to all that’s right with education today, from teachers who are fully committed to each and every student to leadership that works tirelessly in support of their teachers. We’re honored to be working with them.”