Keyboard Shortcuts that Work


Here’s a few shortcuts that I cannot live without:

  • Ctrl + Z to undo the last thing I might have done. Sometimes I will tell my students or teachers to do a Ctrl + A to highlight the whole page. Then press Delete to clear the screen. They start to panic, but relax when I show them that Ctrl + Z brings everything back.
  • Ctrl + F is another good one to find something/search on a page.
  • Ctrl + F 7 is good for finding a synonym for another word.
  • Ctrl + right arrow to jump one word at a time around your document. (Open Apple + right arrow for Macs)
  • Ctrl+ Home to go to the top of the document
  • Ctrl + End to go to the end of a document
  • Home to go to the front of the line you are on
  • End to go to the end of the line you are on.

Submitted by:Patricia Bailey

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