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Knowing North: Understanding Time and the Sun

This activity provides instructions for telling which way is North on a sunny day using only a watch.If we can use our location and the sun to tell us about time, can we use time and the sun to tell

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For as long as I can remember, I've held the belief that the expression "I don't have time" is a cop-out for people who don't have the courage to say "what you're talking about just isn't that important to me."

Sun-Earth Media Viewer

Sun-Earth Media Viewer Experts warn us to never ever look directly at the sun! So the next best thing is this NASA site offering various views of the sun, taken with a variety of filters and temperature sensing equipment. Images can also be enlarged and manipulated to suit your purposes.

The shadow knows

Before there were clocks, people used shadows to tell time. Make a sun clock using only a sunny day, a pencil, and a diagram from the website.

Understanding Epilepsy promo image

Understanding Epilepsy

 In recognition of National Epilepsy Awareness Month this November and the nearly 3 million Americans living with epilepsy, Discovery Education and the Epilepsy Foundation have partnered to launch Understanding Epilepsy.

Texas District Expands Relationship with Verizon

Sherman (TX) Independent School District (ISD) has expanded its decade long relationship with Verizon Business.The technology provider currently is completing the installation of a new voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) platform and is deploying wireless local area networks (LANs) for