LA Unified agrees on assessment contract

The Los Angeles Unified School District board has authorized a 5 year, $24 million contract with CORE K12, a division of CORE ECS. As outlined in the terms of the contract, CORE K12 will deliver its Assessment Center, item customization, progress monitoring, and on-site training to LAUSD teachers and administrators through 2015.

“Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of working with LAUSD to create a dynamic, periodic assessment program using our Assessment Center and customized item banks.” said Kevin Howell, President, CORE K12 Education.

Assessment Center allows teachers to create a variety of assessments (such as progress monitoring) using the customized California item bank. Assessments may cover K12 subjects including math, English Language Arts, science, and history/social science.

The ability to turn around reports immediately after students have completed assessments allows teachers to tailor their instruction to the needs of students. The program also allows students to access their test results in a secure environment, providing error analysis for missed questions and on-demand resources such as skill sheets and other activities.

“We believe that assessment drives discovery, and are very excited about continuing the good work we have started with this important client and education partner,” added Howell.