Learner Support Agreements

Question: I am going to be piloting an online 8th grade math class this new school session. I would like to use a LSA (Learner Support Agreement) that "spells out" exactly what is expected of both the student and facilitator. Do you know of any such forms?

The IT Guy says:
Learner Support Agreements can function as contracts between educational entities and learners at a distance. I would recommend that you consult with a lawyer employed by your school district or organization to make sure all your bases are covered with an agreement of this type. Samples are available on the web, but they may not address your specific situation and needs. Good suggestions for things to address in your LSA can be found on the following page by the MASIE Center. The Concord Consortium has an online sample of an LSA that could be used as a starting point for developing your own. Clarifying and defining expectations of students, instructors, and sponsoring organizations is vital in distance learning. LSAs can help prevent problems resulting from unrealistic or unconfirmed student expectations that relate to technology support as well as other topics.

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