Learning more about Moodle

Question: Several of the staff in our technology department have recently heard a great deal about Moodle. As a free CMS — Course Management System — it looks appealing compared to commercial options like Blackboard. Where do you recommend we get more information about Moodle and other CMS options?

The IT Guy says:
The best place to start is at Moodle. The site has excellent online tutorials and the community there is vibrant and active. Some people have a misconception that timely technical support is not available for open source solutions like Moodle, but that has not been my experience. Generally there are many other users who have had the same questions or run into challenges similar to those that you are facing, and they are usually willing to share experiences as well as advice. Check out Tim Wilson’s podcast interview with Martin Dougiamas, the creator of Moodle, on The Savvy Technologist.

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