LearnSprout Announces New Apps for Educators

LearnSprout, the universal application programming interface (API) for K-12 education, announced today two new apps for schools and districts: LearnSprout Dashboard and LearnSprout Messages.

Selected as one of twelve startups to present at the SIIA Innovation Incubator program, LearnSprout made the product announcements in front of an audience of industry professionals, thought leaders and reporters at the McGraw-Hill Convention Center in New York.

LearnSprout Dashboard will provide visual analysis of data stored within a school or district’s student information system (SIS). Administrators will be able to identify at-risk students, spot trends and measure a variety of correlations using live attendance, grades and various student demographic data. As Dashboard signs on more schools it will be possible to provide administrators with a comparison for analysis by displaying aggregate state and national trends.

“We’re interested in answering some new questions about the performance of our schools,” said Frank Chien, CEO and co-founder of LearnSprout. “What is the correlation between absenteeism and immunizations? What day of the year are students across the country most likely to be absent? How does the absenteeism pattern at my school compare to state and national averages? Up to this point, these have been difficult questions to answer.”

LearnSprout Dashboard will be available in early 2013 with the release of the attendance dashboard, but schools and districts can sign up today on the company’s website. Access to LearnSprout Dashboard will be available to schools and districts at no cost.

LearnSprout also announced the launch of Messages, an affordable alternative to outbound phone messaging systems providing school-to-home voice, text and text-to-voice messaging in English, Spanish, French and German. Built off the LearnSprout Connect and Twilio APIs, Messages is able to access live attendance and contact information from a school or district’s student information system (SIS). LearnSpout Messages takes less than fifteen minutes to set up and requires no formal training.