Live on the Fly

Tip: Have you heard of the Pentop computer? It’s called The FLY, and it’s from LeapFrog.

The FLY can do math, schedule activities, help you with homework, make music and play games. Use FLY TYPE on FLY paper and the pentop computer will read and understand what you write.


  • Draw the FLYcon symbol - a C with a circle around it so the FLY recognizes that you are going to draw a calculator.
  • Draw a rectangle and put numbers and math symbols inside, creating your calculator.
  • Tap the numbers and symbols, just as you would on a real calculator, and the FLY will talk to you.
  • Tap the C with the circle again if you need any help or hints.
  • Sociologists and educational theorists aware of the new generation’s need to be active, rather than passive, learners will appreciate the implications of this amazing tool. In fact, this might make for an interesting research project.


  • Draw the FLYcon symbol – FT with a circle around it.
  • Draw 9 vertical lines in a row and draw lines to connect the top and bottom.
  • Each rectangle is a key for your piano so tap the keys to hear the music.

Want to learn more, go to FLY

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