Low Cost Document and Video Camera

You can purchase different types of video and still cameras to capture different types of images. There is a camera/microscope that can do all of this and more. The Scalar SOAR, or Scope On A Rope is a handheld video camera that can display on your television set, projector, or computer.

  • Use the 1x lens and the SOAR is a video camera. Point and shoot with SOAR connected to your computer to capture video.
  • Use the 1x lens as a document camera. Connect to a gooseneck arm of some type to place SOAR above your documents, with SOAR connected to a projector or television.
  • Use a 100x to 400x lens to do “touch and view†to collect microscopic pictures of anything.
  • Example 30x $20 bill ink:
  • Example 200x Carrot root:

I learned about this tip from Ray Rose from the Concord Consortium who was using SOAR as a document camera demonstrating how to use a PDA. I got the information for this tip from Bill Hofmann from School Technology Resources and I plan to purchase one soon.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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